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Chocolate Havanese Puppies For Sale

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Looking for chocolate Havanese puppies near you? We can help you find one! Whatever your needs or wants in a breeder and dog, we’re here to help. To get started, simply contact us through our Havanese locator.

Additionally, you can use our services to find groomers and more near you

Whether you already have a Havanese or are getting your first, a good local groomer experienced with the breed will be an invaluable tool. Check out our directory to browse listings and get in touch with breeders near you.

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Socializing Your New Havanese Puppy

It is advised that your puppy not be on the ground in places where other dogs (especially other puppies) frequent until they have received their last puppy inoculations at around 16 weeks old. Most deadly diseases passed by other dogs are passed by improperly cared for puppies.
Before then, you can socialize your puppy with friends, family, and their adult dogs who are known to be healthy and fully vaccinated. Puppy classes are another great option and can be started as early as two months of age. Puppy classes are offered by many private trainers, pet stores, and animal shelters. Read more about socializing your Havanese puppy.

Are Havanese hypoallergenic?

The Havanese is often referred to as a “hypoallergenic” breed, which may be slightly misleading. People aren’t allergic to one uniform dog allergen; you may be allergic to something in their dander, you may be allergic to something in their saliva, you may be allergic to both! It is important to clarify what dog allergen you are allergic to as this will affect whether any breed could be “hypoallergenic” for you.

Most people allergic to dogs are allergic to their dander, and if you fall into that category, then good news! The average Havanese dog produces significantly less dander than most other dog breeds. How much dander they produce differs by dog, so you may be more allergic to one individual Havanese than another. To learn more, read our article here.